Here’s what I learned DM’ing with fake copyright phishers

Photo Illustration: Save As / Medium; Source: Getty Images

For instance, the Swedish billionaire appears to have once made a birthday playlist for Mark Zuckerberg, featuring Tenacious D, four Green Day songs, and ‘Dick In A Box’.

Find Your Reader

Some tactical advice on tough lede image decisions

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The Cheater’s Guide to Spotify

Search engine optimized accounts that publish hundreds of nearly identical tracks rake in streams and profits

Photo illustration; Image source: gaiamoments/Getty Images

Internet Happy Places

Here’s how some people are safely celebrating their pandemic holiday

Credit: Say-Cheese / Getty Images

AOC’s nascent Twitch channel.

The forgotten MMORPG has been a comfort during quarantine

Image: Puzzle Pirates

The Cheater’s Guide to Spotify

The platform is filled with search-optimized spammers, and there’s no end in sight

Photo illustration sources: Kevin Liu; Kilito Chan; Thanapol Kuptanisakorn; EyeEm/Getty Images

A nesting doll of fakery shows how difficult it can be to parse out what’s real on social media

Peter Slattery

Audience Development Editor @ OneZero

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