Here’s what I learned DM’ing with fake copyright phishers

Every month, a couple accounts contact me on Instagram, say they work for the platform, and threaten to delete my handle unless I click on bogus URLs designed to collect my personal information. As far as I can tell, they’re after one thing: My blue check mark.

I’m decidedly…

For instance, the Swedish billionaire appears to have once made a birthday playlist for Mark Zuckerberg, featuring Tenacious D, four Green Day songs, and ‘Dick In A Box’.

I write a quarterly-ish series for OneZero called The Cheater’s Guide to Spotify, which investigates the bizarrely genius ways entrepreneurs and scammers game streaming behemoths for listens, money, and infamy.

As such, I’m always keeping an eye on Twitter, Reddit, and beyond for chatter about Spotify (if you have a…

Find Your Reader

Some tactical advice on tough lede image decisions

Though “header” art is often the last item on a writer’s checklist when producing an article, it’s a vitally important piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting people to engage with a story. …

The Cheater’s Guide to Spotify

Search engine optimized accounts that publish hundreds of nearly identical tracks rake in streams and profits

Welcome to The Cheater’s Guide to Spotify, a series about the schemes that rack up streams, money, and infamy on the popular streaming service.

Ever played some white noise on Spotify while you fall asleep? There’s a decent chance a U.K.-based …

Internet Happy Places

At the end of a year in which we could not explore much IRL, team OneZero is sharing our favorite places we found online.

Near the beginning of quarantine, a buddy and I were trying to find simple, mindless online games that we could easily play while cooped up in…

Here’s how some people are safely celebrating their pandemic holiday

Last night, my OneZero colleague and one-time karaoke partner Will Oremus sent a tweet into the ether that resonated with me — and a lot of other people as well.

Under normal circumstances, I would soon be traveling to my Aunt Sally’s house in Peru, Indiana, to enjoy several…

While plenty of U.S. politicians can’t even figure out how to use Twitter, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is well on her way to stardom on a new frontier of online connection: Twitch.

On Monday, AOC joined the live-streaming platform (which she has already been known to drop in on from time…

The forgotten MMORPG has been a comfort during quarantine

In the mid-2000s, while everyone else seemed to be killing grunts as Halo’s Master Chief or grinding away hours in World of Warcraft, I was sailing the 2D seas of puzzling piracy. And now I’m back on deck.

Growing up, I was obsessed with video games but was denied a…

The Cheater’s Guide to Spotify

The platform is filled with search-optimized spammers, and there’s no end in sight

Welcome to The Cheater’s Guide to Spotify, a series about the schemes that rack up streams, money, and infamy on the popular streaming service.

You’ve probably never heard of them, but Relaxing Music Therapy has had a pretty damn successful music career. At least, on Spotify.

This “artist” has more…

A nesting doll of fakery shows how difficult it can be to parse out what’s real on social media

Late last month, as protests against police brutality kicked off nationwide after the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers, a photo of a burning McDonald’s spread across Twitter. …

Peter Slattery

Audience Development Editor @ OneZero

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